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What are the system requirements for this software?

Windows XP or higher with .NET version 4. If .NET is not yet installed on your computer, you will be asked to do so during the download process.
Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit) and Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 (32 and 64 bit) are known to work.

What is the difference between the Windows desktop and the Windows Phone version of 4u2Stream?

Both versions have the same capabilities, with the exception of Last.fm which is not supported in the Windows Phone version. Actually a lot of software "under the hood" is the same. The Windows Phone version has a different user interface that is adapted to the smaller screen size and touch control. The Windows Phone version integrates with the Music and Video Hub in WIndows Phone, a concept that is not present in normal Windows. Shuffle works slightly different: in the Windows version, shuffle happens "on the fly" as your browsed items are received from the server. In the Windows Phone version, you can shuffle a playlist (in the page called Play - use the dots on the menu to reach the command Edit Playlist to reveal commands for Shuffling, Editing and Saving a playlist.

What is the difference between the Windows desktop and the Windows Store version of 4u2Stream?

Both versions have the same capabilities, with the exception of Last.fm which is not supported in the Windows Store version. Actually a lot of software "under the hood" is the same. The Windows Store version has a different user interface that uses all of the available screen surface to make it easy to use with touch. Storing of playlists is not yet available in the Windows Store version (coming soon).

Why can't I get the test licenses or bought licenses onto 4u2Stream (Windows desktop version)?

When using IE11 on Windows 8.1 you may get a message saying "This page can't be displayed" after you try to transfer licenses to 4u2Stream by hitting the button "Copy licenses to 4u2Stream". This is caused by Enhanced Protected Mode of IE11 interfering with the mechanism by which licenses are transferred. There are a couple of workarounds possible:
  • set your default browser to something else than IE
  • temporarily disable Enhanced Protected Mode  (in Internet Options go to Advanced and clear the checkmark at "Enable Enhanced Protected Mode", then restart your computer)
  • add your computer to Local intranet (while still on the page that says "This page can't be displayed", go to Internet Options, then to Security, click on Local Intranet, then Sites, then Advanced; make sure the checkmark at "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" is cleared; click Add, then Close, Ok and Ok.
If you bought licenses, you will be able to install the licenses from the email that you receive. Use the Import Licenses option for this.
If you tried to get test licenses, you may find you are out of the allowed number of test licenses after this. In that case request additional test licenses through the feedback form, stating the Unique Device Id of the devices for which you would like to have test licenses.

Why do I see nothing in the top left panel (Windows desktop version)?

Actually, you should see at least the local server with the 4u2Stream logo. This local server is where you find your saved playlists.
If you don't see any other server, there is no library in your network offering to share its contents, or such a library is not visible in the network.
The simplest way to provide a server in your network, is to install Windows Media Player version 11 or higher on your computer and enable media sharing.
If you are sure there is a server, but it is not detected by 4u2Stream then check your network configuration. UPnP can only detect devices that are on the same subnet as 4u2Stream. For instance, if your server is behind a second router that you are using, it is invisible. Reconfigure your second router to be a switch, so it will be on the same subnet as your first router. Use the support form to ask for more explanation if you need it.

Why do I see nothing in the top right panel (Windows desktop version)?

Since the local renderer was introduced you should see at least one item: the local renderer that enables you to play music to the computer running 4u2Stream
If you see not more that this single item, there is no device in your network that is offering to play your contents, or a firewall is preventing 4u2Stream from seeing it.
You need to have equipment that is offering a UPnP rendering functionality (see heading "Audio or Video system" below for examples)

Which Last.fm features do you support?

Currently, 4u2Stream supports playing of your library, recommendations, and neighbourhood, and navigating to your friends, neighbours and general Tags.
4u2Stream does not report songs you play to Last.fm, scrobbling functionality is not present.
Let us know if you like Last.fm and what else you would like to see in 4u2Stream.

Do you support playlists?

Yes!.4u2Stream shows your playlist in the list just right from the middle. Initially your playlist is a copy of the folder that you were in when you pressed Play and from there on you can adjust your playlist with drag and drop..
If you find that playback stops after the first song, the cause is almost certainly that the firewall is blocking 4u2Stream.
See next subject on how to open up the windows firewall.
Some library servers, such as Twonkyvision, support serving a complete playlist by themselves. If your receiver also supports playing those playlists, the whole list can be played without intervention of 4u2Stream. Under this condition the Play button turns green when clicking on a playlist title. Since version, you need to unselect the top item in the playlist to enable this functionality.
Since version, dynamic playlists are available: the playlist as served from your media server can be edited: titles can be deleted or added by doubleclicking them.
Click on the renderer to see which titles are in the playlist for the renderer. Such a playlist is referenced by "Playlist - <renderer name>" in the list of recently selected playlists (bottom left list).
When looking at folders from a media server, titles that are not in the playlist of the selected renderer are grayed out.
Titles can be added to the playlist of the selected renderer by double clicking them; they are added at the bottom of the playlist.
Dynamic playlists can be stored by dragging them to the local playlists folder or by simply right-clicking on the playlist title in the list of recently selected playlists and selecting Save.
See also the playlist topic in the help section.

Why is it important to open up the firewall for 4u2Stream (Windows desktop version)?

4u2Stream relies on information that is sent back spontaniously from your media devices. Firewalls tend to block this information. If a firewall blocks this information, you will experience the following symptons:

  • it may take a long time to find all your devices
  • playing of a playlist stops after the first song
  • the status of the Play / Pause / Stop buttons is updated incorrectly

How to open up the firewall for 4u2Stream (Windows desktop version)?

From version onwards, 4u2Stream opens the Windows firewall automatically at startup when necessary.
But if you use a different firewall than the Windows firewall. you need to open it yourself.
From Version onwards, it will be detected by 4u2Stream that the firewall is not open and a warning message is displayed during playback.
You only need to take action if this warning message is displayed; do it immediately, because the program path that you need with setting up the firewall is then available on the clipboard.
You only need to open a firewall on the computer where 4u2stream is running.
The exact procedure to follow depends on the type of firewall you are using, but the principle is always to allow an exception for a specific program.
The procedure below is valid for the Windows firewall in Windows XP SP2, and is largely the same for Windows Vista.
Go to "My Network Places" then click "View Network connections" and then "Change Windows  Firewall settings".
Go to "Exceptions" and click "Add Program...". Click "Browse". Now press Ctrl-V (Paste), which will paste the path of 4u2Stream in the Filename box.
Click "Open", then click "Ok" twice.
Now you have opened the Windows firewall for 4u2stream and you should not receive the warning any more.

What are the tested configurations for this software?

Please let us know what your experiences are, so they can be added to this list.


Windows XP with .NET version 4
Windows Vista with .NET version 4
Windows 7 with .NET version 4
Windows 8 or 8.1 with .NET version 4.5


Windows Phone 7.5, 7.8
Windows Phone 8

Library server

FritzBox FON 7570
Philips Streamium WAC3500
Netgear ReadyNAS NAS
Streamium SL300i
TwonkyVision (running in many different configurations, a.o. Synology DS101J, Asus WLG500P, WD-MyBookWorld NAS
Windows Media Player version 11 & 12
Windows Home Server (Acer EasyStore)

Audio or Video system

Denon AVR4306
Freecom MusicPal
Philips Streamium WAC3500, NP2500, NP2900, SLA5520NS
Intel Media Renderer
Naim Uniti
Noxon iRadio, Noxon Media Player, Noxon 2
D-Link DNS-323
D-Link DSM-320
Windows Media Player version 12 (Windows 7), only when MP is running

Not yet confirmed (please report your experiences)

Asset UPnP (dbpoweramp)
Coherence UPnP A/V MediaServer
D-Link DSM-520
foobar 2000 Media Renderer
foobar 2000 Media Server
iPhone media renderer
MediaTomb mediaserver
Noxon media player
Noxon iRadio
On2Share Pro Server
PlayOn UPnP media server
PS3 Media Server
Rhapsody Jukebox Media Server
Synology media server
T+A Music Player
WL500g.Premium media server

Systems reported not to work

Pinnacle Showcenter 200

Problems with Twonky Media Server

My pictures look jaggy (with low resolution and staircase lines) when played from Twonky Media Server?

Twonky Media Server scales down the resolution of pictures by default. You can avoid this by going to the Clients section of the Twonky Media Server configuration webpage and setting the type of the client on the PC where you run 4u2Stream to Linn DS Control Point. From version onwards, 4u2Stream selected the highest resolution picture offered by Twonky. Version 6.0.23 of Twonky will give full resolution to 4u2Stream (Generic DLNA 1.0).

Album titles are not in order of track number

This looks like a bug in Twonky's sorting function. Version of 4u2Stream contains a workaround for this. Version 6.0.23 of Twonky does not contain the bug any more.

Why can I not play anything on the Windows Vista Mediaplayer?

When Windows mediaplayer is running in Windows Vista, it advertises a "UPnP Renderer" service, in other words, a service that can play your media. That is why 4u2Stream displays an entry in the top right panel.
It appears that this renderer is just a dummy. In Windows 7, the renderer in Mediaplayer is functional.

Why do I get a Windows exception while downloading the app from the website?

You might get an error message like: "Cannot be installed as another identity has been installed: System.Deployment.Application.DeploymentException (Subscription)".
This has to do with a change in signing keys.
Go to %HOMEPATH%\local settings\apps\2.0 and delete all directories in there; this should solve the problem

Why can't I send any feedback through the form on your feedback page?

Sometimes the provider of this service expires the subscription. In that case, please send an email to service.ustream at gmail dot com.

How can I uninstall 4u2Stream?

Go to Control Panel and then to Uninstall Program; you should see 4u2Stream Deluxe in the list of installed programs (usually at or near the top). Select 4u2Stream and select Uninstall.