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Follow these instructions to download and install 4u2Stream Deluxe:
  • Click here to download setup.exe.
  • Save / Open / Run setup to lauch the installer.
  • Install the program, allow the firewall to open and wait until the 4u2Stream window appears
  • If you have UPnP devices in your home network, they will appear in grey text (meaning they are yet unlicensed for use with 4u2Stream).
  • Click one of the unlicensed devices and you will see a link Get trial licenses...
  • Click that link in 4u2Stream and you will be taken to the 4u2StreamStore where you can get a free trial license for each UPnP devices. A trial license works for a day.
  • When you are satisfied that 4u2Stream works for you, you can buy permanent licenses in much the same way, using the link Buy licenses...


Follow these instructions to install and use Last.fm support:
  • After 4u2Stream just started up, click the link Install Last.fm in the lower right corner.
  • Wait until the Last.fm entry appears in the source list on the left.
  • Click on the Last.fm entry in the source list and enter your username / password for Last.fm.
  • Play Last.fm music on your computer or your UPnP enabled equipment.
  • If you don't already have an account with Last.fm, go here to sign up.
  • You can play each listed song once and in the order that they appear.
  • If your Last.fm trial period expires, no more songs will be listed, subscribe for continued service.