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license conditions

Rather than providing you with pages of legal text we would like to point out the basic principles of the conditions for using 4u2Stream:
  • All software remains property of Groenhartnet, all rights reserved
  • A license to use is granted in as far as you have obtained licenses for the UPnP devices you want to use
  • 4u2Stream Deluxe requires a separate license key for every UPnP device (as identified by its unique id) that you want to control
  • A license key is obtained either as a one-day free trial license or as a perpetual paid license (€ 4.99 excl. tax for a single license, 30% discount for 2nd and following licenses bought at once)
  • The same License key may be used on all computers that you own
  • Reverse engineering is not allowed
  • Use is at own risk, no guarantees are made or implied, no liability accepted
  • This software may send back some anonymous data that is aimed at improving the user experience and improving the compatibility with UPnP devices
  • Required updates are installed automatically when the program is launched
  • By installing the software you will have accepted these conditions