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posted Oct 25, 2009, 10:03 AM by editor ustream   [ updated Nov 21, 2009, 12:29 PM ]
this version improves the dynamic playlist handling, solves various problems and improves useability:
  • add or delete titles from a playlist by doubleclicking the item
  • play is not enabled for items with wrong file format even if direct playlist playing is available
  • playlist associated with renderer can be cleared by pressing the stop button if player is stopped
  • doubleclicking an item in a playlist when it is not yet playing creates a playlist with just the single item enabled
  • volume setting reported by renderer is pushed back to renderer to improve synchronisation of volume setting
  • local renderer is selected by default after start-up
  • the first item in a playlist is selected by default when it is not a container (this is to prevent accidental use of direct playlist playing)
  • this default selection can be undone by clicking the item; this way (with no items selected), direct playlist playing is availabe if supported by the source and renderer
  • special playlist handling for Last.fm which enables auto-fill to continue in most cases even when titles have been deleted
  • correct and faster repainting of playlist
  • corrected problems working with Windows 7 media player
  • corrected problem that a title after being played for the second time would not transfer playing to the next item in the playlist